Girls’ Generation and Japanese Fans Dance to ‘Love & Girls’ Under the Rain

Tuesday June 25, 2013 at 21:02pm

Sticks and stones may break Girls’ Generation‘s bones, but a little rain will never hurt them! The girls recently brought their act to Universal Studio Japan in Osaka, singing their newest Japanese single ‘Love& Girls.’

Unfortunately, there was constant rain but the show had to go on: the girls continued singing and dancing, having lots of fun as the entire time they were spotted with large smiles on their faces, enjoying the sight of the large number of 4,000+ Japanese fans dancing along with them. Even the guards couldn’t resist, and joined in.

Sooyoung commented to Fuji TV, “We were worried  because this was our first flash mob. We felt good because we succeeded with the fans. We’re so happy to see everyone happy as we danced together.

How do you think they did?



Source: SM TOWN YouTube

Article by: Emily

Edited by: Karolina

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